The EFINOR teams will build 3 MultiCleaner 128 depollution vessels on behalf of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA).

The construction of these boats will be handled by the Efinor teams located in our Cherbourg shipyard.

The production start is scheduled for the end of 2019 with a construction period of approximately one year. Our goal is a delivery by the end of 2020.

True multipurpose ships, combining a workboat features with a cleanup ship

Built in aluminum, following international standards and classification rules, they can be assigned various missions. They are clean-up vessel with a unique and innovative technologyfor collecting solid and liquid floating wastes.

In case of oil spills they are immediately ready to collect and this even in heavy seas and bad weather. This feat is possible thanks to their patented self floating arms.

Each vessel benefits from the Bureau Veritas (BV) certification: “oil recovery ship” and has the following main characteristics:

  • Length : 13,50m
  • Beam : 5,00m
  • Light weight : 19 tonnes
  • Draft : 1,70m
  • Crew : 3

They will be used for the cleaning of solid and liquid waste of the Suez Canal;

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