EFINOR SEA CLEANER teams delivered a macro-waste cleaning and water depollution vessel to the city of Antwerp in Belgium last week.

This is a vessel from the WASTE CLEANER range, a range of vessels from 6 to 9 meters. Built in aluminum, road-gauge, they are transportable with a suitable trailer and have a single lifting point for easier launching.

They are mainly used to act in ports where waste accumulates, often along the quays and in areas that are difficult to access. Their side rollers make it possible to work between ships, along pontoons or quays. Waste Cleaners are marine vacuum cleaners the surface of the water only requiring a single operator.

A waste cleaner 83 for the city of Antwerp

The WasteCleaner 83 is a clean up vessel with a unique and innovative technology for collecting solid and liquid waste including hydrocarbons.

Management of macro-waste, it is being urgent!

According to a report by Ifremer, macro waste is transported by three main factors: rivers, wind and sea currents. “The first two constitute sources at sea, the three act on their future at sea.
Waterways are in fact the main vector for the circulation of waste from the interior of the land to the coast. They drain both waste of natural origin, such as wood, as well as waste from the agglomerations crossed […] The continuous flow from upstream to downstream leads to an inevitable increase in macro-waste at the mouths, estuaries and deltas “.

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