In the continuity of the research and development work carried out by our EFINOR SEA CLEANER teams, serving propulsion systems that are more respectful of the environment in particular, they are currently developing a new model of 100% electric propulsion pollution control vessel.

After experiencing a small model, the Waste Cleaner 66 in 100% electric propulsion, we are studying the electrification of the Multi Cleaner 100, a mid-range vessel. This vessel will thus be able to combine patented remediation technology and a reduced carbon footprint.

The main idea is therefore to replace the combustion engines with 100% electric models. This modification would result in a higher efficiency because the power required for the operation of the engines will be greatly reduced.

Solar panels can also be added on board for local production. These make it possible to compensate for the consumption of navigation and telecommunication equipment.

Taking into account the analysis of thermal vs. electrical consumption, the purchase of an electric version would be profitable in less than 2 years of operation.

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