Discovering innovative cleaning and depollution solutions at POLLUTEC Exhibition

For several decades, plastic has completely invaded our lives with more than 400 million tonnes produced each year.

This massive production, which is not slowing down, causes pollution of the marine environment with the dissemination of waste in rivers, seas and oceans.

If we do not succeed in containing this pollution with innovative solutions, the UN predicts that by 2050 there will be more waste than fish in our oceans

Every minute, 19 tons of plastic are poured into the sea

Whether it is macro-waste, mainly carried by rivers, sea currents and wind, or microplastics, innovative cleaning and depollution solutions exist.

Double flow technology integrated into all
our pollution control vessels

Efinor Sea Cleaner is part of an approach to fight against marine pollution in the broad sense through its multi-service depollution and cleaning boats.
Each boat is equipped with a unique patented technology which allows the collection of all types of solid or liquid floating waste, including hydrocarbons.

Depending on their application, ships are able to fight against the spread of macro-waste by acting as close as possible to human activity but also to reduce existing pollution (macro-waste, microplastics or hydrocarbons) in the seas and oceans..

At the same time, EFINOR Sea Cleaner is continuing its efforts concerning the R&D of new solutions and technologies adapted to environmental constraints, in particular:

  • Serving the deployment of more environmentally friendly and “CO2 free” engines,
  • Through the Sargasse project. Current work with Ademe and several French and international research organizations to develop a vessel specializing in the collection of Sargassum algae before they touch our coasts,
  • Through a co-development with the association The Sea Cleaners, on the basis of the technology of our existing vessels, of vessels ensuring the collection of microplastics and macro-waste in support of MANTA.

Find our know-how at the POLLUTEC fair (12-15 Oct. 21 at Lyon EUREXPO)

We will be present in the Mer & Littoral area, on stand B 66, alongside The SeaCleaners association and will be pleased to present the Mobula 8, co-developed with the association.

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