Hydrocarbons   Solid wastes   Firefighting   Crane lifting 

  Towing   Offshore surveillance    Maritime operations 

 Assistance   Merchandise carrying   Personnel transport 


Spill Cleaner are multipurpose vessels that combine the functionality of an offshore vessel with those of a cleanup vessel.

Built in aluminum, to international standards, they are able to intervene on various missions offshore and over long periods.

Thanks to their patented self-floating arms, they can retrieve spilled hydrocarbons even in rough sea.
Indeed, during oil spills – often occuring in heavy weather – Spill Cleaner are able to recover hydrocarbons offshore and whatever the weather conditions.


 Integrated cleaning system 

Quick response (< 2min) : Arms deployment – Opening front door – Suction – Solid waste basket

Crew’s safety : Hydraulic control from the cabin by 1 person

Low operation cost and efficiency : Proven and unmatched performance

 Operations even in rough sea 

Liquid waste recovery : Internal floating storage – Incomparable storage capacity
No variation for trim and draft – No impact on stability

Solid waste recovery : Automatic filtration and recovery on the deck
Conveyor belt for ‘Sargasses and hyacinths’

Self-floating arms : System allowing to follow the wave movment independently from the vessel motion

Suction in movement : Permanent suction either moving forward and/or in reverse

 Multi purpose vessels 

Offshore surveillance (fishing, pollution, traffic, etc) – Maritime services – Crane capacity
Towing – Fire fighting – Mooring – Load and personnel transport 


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SpillCleaner 180

SpillCleaner 250

SpillCleaner 410

SpillCleaner 650