Solid wastes   Hydrocarbons   Black / grey waters (option) 

 Plants (weed cutter option)   Jellyfishes   Sewage discharge 


In ports, both solid and liquid waste often accumulate along jetties and in tight corners where access is difficult.
Our cleanup boats of the Waste Cleaner range  are marine vacuum cleaners cleaning the surface of the water only requiring a single operator.

Built in aluminum, at road transportation size, they can easily be dispatched anywhere using a boat trailer.
Waste Cleaners possess a single hoisting pad allowing an easy crane deployment.


 Integrated cleaning system 

Quick response (<30sec) : Front door – Suction – Solid waste basket

Crew’s safety : Hydraulic control from the cabin by 1 person

Low operation cost and efficiency : Proven and unmatched performance

 Suction at the bow of the ship 

Liquid waste recovery : Internal floating storage – Incomparable storage capacity
No variation for trim and draft – No impact on stability

Solid waste recovery : Automatic filtration and recovery on the deck

Suction at halt, more than 5m ahead : Between two hulls, under pontoons and most inaccessible areas

Suction in movement : Permanent suction either moving forward or in reverse

 Multi purpose vessels 

Port service up to 5 miles from shelter – Dock / jetty cleaning – Mooring – Load and personnel transport – Black / grey water recovery – Seaweed cutting machine


 View the product sheet for Waste cleaner 

WasteCleaner 66

WasteCleaner 66E (100% electrical propulsion)

WasteCleaner 83

WasteCleaner 92