Our solution to fight against oil spills

Our multipurpose boats have been developed to fight against oil spills. Indeed, the patented technology of our cleanup vessels allows recovering hydrocarbons, in surface.


Vessels tested in CEDRE pool facility

2 m3 collected in less than 3 minutes, without emulsion

Vessels tested in OHMSETT pool facility

100 % performance on heavy and medium oils, without emulsion

Collect with and without waves

Actual performance data is retained at the Ohmsett Facility and is available for review upon request to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Technical Representative paul.meyer@bsee.gov , the Ohmsett Facility Manager tcoolbaugh@ohmsett.com , or by calling the Ohmsett facility at 732-866-7183.

EFINOR has been involved in the cleaning operation with the French Navy during oil spill in south of France in October 2018.



  • High cruise speed to arrive on site as soon as possible.
  • Deployment of arms and system activation in just a few minutes.
  • Dynamic recovery following the shape and position of the oil slicks, even with strongly disadvantageous meteorological conditions.
  • The cleaning system is controlled from the wheelhouse, avoiding having the crew on deck breathing toxic emanations and preventing contact with hazardous material. The system is hydraulically powered, minimizing human handling.
  • In case of presence of solid waste, operations do not cease, even better, such debris are retrieved on board. The system is simple and robust to minimize breakdowns.
  • Hydrocarbons are stored floating in the separation tank allowing the highest storage capacity to ship size ratio ever seen in the industry. It is possible to transfer the hydrocarbons to a towed barge or tanker while recovering from the oil spill, allowing 24 hour operations.
  • Our technology avoids creating emulsion (mix of hydrocarbons and  up to 90 % of water) which would significantly reduce efficiency.