Our EFINOR Sea Cleaner teams have just completed the manufacturing of one MultiCleaner 100.

Provided with our unique and patented pollution control technology, this ship, bound for the international port of Taïwan, combines the functionality of a workboat and a pollution control boat.

This boat, with multiple assets, can operate at sea, rivers and large ports. It is able to clean water from floating wastes, water hyacinths, hydrocarbons and it adapts to the collection of sargassum.

Its efficiency has been proven in many areas such as port services, crane handling, firefighting, mooring and transport of loads and personnel.

Its major assets:

  • Integrated cleaning system
  • Quick deployment < 30 sec
  • Cleaning speed : 3 knts
  • Suction flow up to 5 meters ahead
  • Liquid storage tank 3m3

Despite the crisis we are going through, transportation has been made possible to deliver the boat to our client. It begins a long journey of 7 weeks to reach its home port. We wish him “good luck”.

For any request, our teams remain at your disposal during this period. You can contact them by phone 02 96 20 33 18 or email at contact.esc@efinor.com

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