Teragir association, founded in 1983, has a vocation to support different society actors in their projects related to the sustainable development.

Seven programs were created in order to protect environment, one of which is the green and touristic label ‘Pavillon Bleu’, created in 1985.

Nowadays, ‘Pavillon Bleu’ label is present in 45 countries and in all the continents. It became an indicator for tourism, environment and sustainable development.

This label is applicable to cities / counties and marinas. It allows to create and promote a positive image appreciated by residents and visitors. It’s a guarantee of environmental quality.
The labeled must respect strict criteria and they are controlled annually.

Several requirements related to marine management directly impact the awarding of ‘Pavillon Bleu’ label such as “the cleanliness of the water body guarantees permanently”.

The maintenance and cleanliness of waterbodies can be ensured by clean up vessels such as our WasteCleaner 66, 83 or 92. These vessels are specifically designed for cleaning shorelines and inland waters. WasteCleaners are marine vacuum cleaners cleaning the surface of the water only requiring a single operator.

Built in aluminum, at road transportation size, they can easily be dispatched anywhere using a boat trailer.
The WasteCleaners posses a single hoisting pad allowing an easy crane deployment.


Solid waste – Hydrocarbons – Black/grey waters (option) – Plants (weedcutter option) – Jellyfish – Sewage discharges

Available for services or for purchase, our clean up vessels are an undeniable asset for marinas. They allow to stand out enhancing environmental and qualitative dimension of their basins.

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