With more than 400 million tonnes of plastics produced each year, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans. And the forecasts are not going down!

Europe, and France in particular, is one of the largest consumers of plastics. It is estimated that 11,000 tonnes of plastics are discharged annually on the French Mediterranean coast.

In order to respond to this global emergency, two passionate sailors created in 2020 the company Echoes of the Oceans, holding of Ekkopol business. Located in the Var department, the company’s objective is to reduce plastic pollution arriving in the seas/oceans and operates along the entire metropolitan and Corsican coastlines.

Acting at the source

Their goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to efficiently collect floating waste before it goes to sea and thus actively contribute to the preservation of the seas and oceans.

In addition to efforts on land (substitution of plastics, recycling), Ekkopol preaches the systematic cleaning of ports and rivers.


« Ports in the fight against coastal pollution »

In order to develop its notoriety, the Ekkopol company organized in early February 2021 demonstrations of nautical means specialized in depollution.

During these half-days, our subsidiary Efinor Sea Cleaner provided Ekkopol with a cleanup boat, the Waste Cleaner 83. Real vacuum cleaners of the water surface, all the boats in our “Waste Cleaner” range are equipped with an innovative and patented technology for the simultaneous recovery of solid and liquid waste (including hydrocarbons).

Services to act on plastic pollution

EKKOPOL provides services to enable local authorities, port managers and river operators to treat pollution in their areas of responsibility without making heavy investments.

It operates within the framework of regular maintenance contracts, or emergency contracts, particularly in the event of hydrocarbon pollution.

This innovative mode of intervention allows the company to closely adapt to the needs of the different actors.

These depollution services will also enable ports and communities to communicate a positive image by promoting the environmental and qualitative aspects of their basin (‘pavillon bleu‘ label, ‘ports propres‘ certification).

Let’s fight together to protect our oceans!

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