EFINOR Sea Cleaner teams are going to build, for Taiwan International Ports Corporation – in charge of the management of Keelung port – two clean up vessels from our MULTI CLEANER range.

These vessels, built in aluminum, were customized and adapted to the client’s needs and constraints.
They have the following main characteristics:

  • Length 9,4 m
  • Beam 3,6 m
  • Draft 1 m
  • Depth 1,4 m
  • Light Weight 10 tons
  • Payload 7 tons
  • Full-load general weight 14 tons

They will be able to accommodate 2 crew members and 5 people in total. They will be used to clean solid wastes and hydrocarbons of the port and will be able to intervene along the coast and at sea.

Please note : a Spill Cleaner 250, dedicated to the watch and cleaning on high seas, had been sold to the Taiwanese Navy a few years ago.

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