Launch of a co-development program of offshore collection solutions for floating micro and macro waste

The similarity of names predisposed The SeaCleaners, the association for the protection of the oceans founded by sailor Yvan Bourgnon, and the company EFINOR SEA CLEANER to get closer and imagine together innovative solutions for marine pollution control.

Beyond the homonymy, it is the desire to share their respective expertise that inspired the partnership between the two entities.

The versatility of EFINOR SEA CLEANER boats

The company EFINOR SEA CLEANER based in Paimpol (Côtes d’Armor) specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of multi-service pollution control vessels with patented technology.

This unique and innovative recovery system is integrated into the pollution clean-up vessels and allows the collection of all types of floating waste, whether solid or liquid, including hydrocarbons.

The SeaCleaners’ action

The SeaCleaners, a non-profit and general interest association, was created in 2016 to fight plastic pollution. Through its MANTA INNOVATION (SAS) division, it develops innovative technological solutions for the collection and recovery of floating plastic macro-waste.

Its emblematic project, the Manta, is an innovative vessel equipped with an onboard plant, which will be launched in 2024. This giant of the seas will be the first deep-sea vessel capable of collecting and mass processing floating ocean waste, in areas of high concentration (estuaries and mouths of major rivers, along the coasts), before it fragments and enters the marine ecosystem in a sustainable manner.

A real technological challenge, the Manta will be powered by a combination of several renewable energy production technologies that will minimize its carbon footprint.

A unique collaboration to collect waste of all sizes everywhere

Through their partnership, EFINOR SEA CLEANER and The SeaCleaners wish to develop collection solutions complementary to the Manta, allowing to intervene in narrow, shallow areas, where manoeuvrability is limited, and which will allow the collection of floating macro and micro-waste (<25mm).

The jointly developed solutions will also be proposed for marketing by EFINOR SEA CLEANER and MANTA INNOVATION to public and private actors wishing to engage in marine pollution clean-up campaigns.

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